Kiddo Motors is an independent motorcycle studio based in Barcelona.

We build pure Motorcycles

We believe the best products speak for themselves. They don´t need gimmicks to make an impression and they don´t need hype to stand out. We  try to reach the beauty on the balance between modern technologies and old spirit. Less but better.  Pure and clean.

Founded in 2010, Kiddo Motors began as a premium motorcycle workshop and store, providing service and carrying some of the finest brands for petrolheads. After the success of our first custom project, the Kiddo Uno, we change our approach and decide to focus in our real passion, the fabrication of custom motorcycles. We are located in Poblenou, the former industrial area in the city and a creative hub nowadays. We don´t have a retail showroom or a boutique and we are not open to the public. That said, if you want to visit the studio, we will be happy to arrange an appointment. Write us at





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