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How to order

How to order Explicación de como hacer un pedido…  

Steve Bonnie

2004 Triumph Bonneville T100 The bike was commisioned by Steve from Scotland. Another approach to the classical Bonneville. Plenty of modern stuff, but an unmistakable timeless and elegant look. The deluxe front end comes full of […]

Jeff Bonnie

2008 Triumph Bonneville T100 The Bike was comissioned from Jeff in Los Angeles. The bike was build in our workshop in Barcelona and sent it back by air to Los Angeles. The frame was modified  to host […]

Cesc Beemer

  1979 BMW R100RS. This bike was commisioned by Cesc. The idea behind this beemer was to keep the old patina, but with a clean and minimalistic look.The budget was more oriented in the reliability […]