Jeff Bonnie

2008 Triumph Bonneville T100

The Bike was comissioned from Jeff in Los Angeles. The bike was build in our workshop in Barcelona and sent it back by air to Los Angeles.

The frame was modified  to host the T120 Gastank and a new one/off subframe was built. We decide to work on a monoshock conversion, so the original was modified, braced and reinforced.  A new  rear shock was assembled by Ohlins to our requirements. In the front end, the combination of a reinforced aluminium triple tree, an Andreani / Ohlins fork cartridge a complete Beringer kit, a set of Alpina Raggi wheels and Avon roadrider rubbers changed dramatically the bike performance.

The engine was vitaminized with a Wiseco Big Bore 904cc kit, cylinders boring and Keihin Racing FCR 39mm Flat slide carbs. A massive piecut manifold was build at home to match the Racefit powerful exhaust.

The gastank came from a 1967 T120 , slim and classic. The one-off front vender match the classic ribbed gastank. The headlight is a LED Speaker with a Kiddo bezel and fork covers. The taillight is also custom made. The bespoke saddle is hand stitched.

Handling came from our fetiche Easton EXP. Biltwell grips.

Most of the  electronics  came from the german manufacturer, Motogadget.

Total weight at the end 169 KG.

Last seen in Manhattan Beach.