Steve Bonnie

2004 Triumph Bonneville T100

The bike was commisioned by Steve from Scotland.

Another approach to the classical Bonneville. Plenty of modern stuff, but an unmistakable timeless and elegant look.

The deluxe front end comes full of improvements, beginning with the swedish made ISR Brake system, that includes a 6 piston caliper, oversized floating disc, master cylinder and clutch lever. The suspension comes from the Andreani cartridge. One-off fender .The wheels are Alpina Raggi. A custom made bezel holds the amazing Speaker LED headlight, that makes night riding insane. Upfront is a Kiddo favorite  handlebar, our daring Easton EXP.

The modified subframe host a stealth electronics box. A new wiring harness and the M-Unit manage the bike nervous system. A set of Keihin Flatslide CR carbs  injects some adrenaline to the stock powerplant. Christoffer has done a pair of  beautiful pie cut manifolds following the frame lines . The exhaust comes from Spark.

The custom saddle has a combination of plain leather with perforated leather on top, and has a wallet pocket on the right side. The Ohlins rear shocks maintain the Avon tyres on the ground.

The custom billet turlights, the wrap-around fork bracket, the gascap, the shorter gear shifter and the regulator relocation bracket comes from the quality Triumph especialista Motone.

Last seen in Barcelona.