Kiddo Uno

1988 Honda NX650 Dominator

The Uno was our first full project. The Subframe was polished, rounded and cutted to reach tracker lines , reinforced with Honda CB250 passenger lugs. The frame was also polished. We build one/off front and back fenders, chainguard and chain guide. The aluminium Yamaha XT500 gastank was repaired and modified, then painted with a Honda racing colors pattern and drained by a splitted Yamaha TDM900 petcock.

The engine was totally restored and breaths through a K&N air filter. A bespoke manifold and a GP Style exhaust completes the setup. The suspensions were rebuilded to fit the new geometries. The new Excel rims join the original hubs, durinox spokes and Continental Twinduro tyres.Up front are Easton EXP motocross bars and risers , the blinkers are from the japanese brand, Posh.

A simplified wiring harness and lithium battery help with weight reduction, which is down from around 164 kg to a fun 145 kg.

Last seen in Rimini, Italy.